Joel Guerrero's short Bio

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Hi, I'm an assistant professor at the Department of Civil, Chemical, and Environmental Engineering (DICCA) of the University of Genoa. My major areas of research are computational fluid dynamics (CFD), aerodynamics, optimization, data analytics, and HPC and cloud computing for large-scale and concurrent simulations. I earned a Ph.D. degree in fluid dynamics from the University of Genoa (Italy) in 2009. Before that I earned a Ms.C degree in Aeronautical Engineering from SUPAERO, Toulouse, France. My origins trace back to Venezuela, where I Obtained a Bs.C degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the Polytechnic University of the National Armed Forces.

I am very passionate about aerodynamics, fluid dynamics, turbulence modeling, and computer science, so that is why CFD is my field of specialization. I also work in the areas of numerical optimization, data science, and data-driven engineering which perfectly integrates with CFD. I have a broad understanding and excellent working knowledge of today's best software packages that are commonly used in engineering design, computing-aided design, and computational fluid dynamics. You will see me often working with OpenFOAM, SU2, ANSYS Fluids, Onshape, Solidworks, Python, R, and many other applications used in computer-aided engineering and data science. I am also an evangelizer of Amazon EC2 and collaborative tools.

I am a co-founder and CTO of Wolf Dynamics, a company that was born as a spinoff of the University of Genoa. We offer engineering consulting and training services in the areas of computational fluid dynamics, numerical optimization, and data analytics.

I also had the opportunity to work in the aviation maintenance and oil services fields, specifically, I dealt with reliability-centered maintenance (RCM), quality control (QC), maintenance planning, and the operational and financial factors that affect flight operations. During this time that I was working in the industry, I also got a Six Sigma Green Belt certification. I used to work with tons and tons of data, quality management, and operation processes. So I guess this is why I love data, optimization, and uncertainty quantification.

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